Tangieland Strain

The hybrid strain Tangieland is a rare find, offering a unique blend of tastes, effects, and genetics. The Tangieland weed strain was carefully developed by Crockett Family Farms, yielding a strain with a fascinating profile and promising attributes that attract both casual users and cannabis connoisseurs.

What strain is Tangieland

Tangieland is a hybrid strain, with an almost equal Indica-Sativa ratio of 40%-60%. Is Tangieland a good strain? Absolutely, its balanced profile and impressive THC content ranging between 18.67% – 21.67% make it highly desirable. Is Tangieland strain Indica or Sativa? It’s a perfect blend of both, offering a relaxed high typical of Indicas, with the energizing effects of Sativas.

The Tangieland strain is robust, making it the best strain for those seeking a potent, well-balanced experience. It hails from a reputable lineage, as it’s a product of cross-breeding Candyland and Tangie strains. Its origin, rooted in the experienced hands of the Crockett Family Farms, guarantees a quality product that shines through in its effects and cultivation properties.

Tangieland Strain Info

The Tangieland weed strain stands out with a THC level that ranges from 18.67% to 21.67%, positioning it as a strain with significant psychoactive potential. Meanwhile, its CBD content sits between 0.36% and 0.5%, and CBG levels vary from 0.41% to 1.38%. Borneol is the dominant terpene in the Tangieland strain, adding to its distinctive terpene profile.

Tangieland Strain Effects

What are the effects of the Tangieland strain? Users primarily report feeling relaxed after consuming Tangieland. It’s an ideal strain for unwinding after a long day. Its taste profile is equally remarkable. So, what does Tangieland strain taste like? Its flavor is a delightful blend of sweetness with strong citrusy undertones, reminiscent of fresh oranges.

What is the Tangieland strain good for? With its balanced Indica-Sativa profile and potent THC levels, it’s perfect for those seeking a relaxed, yet mentally alert high. How does the Tangieland strain make you feel? Users report an initial cerebral buzz that gradually transitions into a state of full-body relaxation. With its relaxing properties, the Tangieland strain is potentially good for sleep as well.

Tangieland Strain Terpenes

The Tangieland terpene profile is distinct, with Borneol, Myrcene, Ocimene, and Limonene being present. Borneol is the dominant terpene, making up 0.37% of the terpene profile. This unique blend of terpenes contributes to the strain’s notable flavor and effects.

The Tangieland strain flavors are a treat to the palate, marked by a dominant sweet, orange taste that sets it apart from many other strains. Its taste profile perfectly mirrors its terpene profile, with the sweet citrus taste being particularly prominent.

Strains like Tangieland

Strains similar to Tangieland include Diesel Dough, Purple Afghan Kush, Frosted Cookies, Collie Man Kush, Lemon Thai, and Tomahawk. These strains, like Tangieland, offer unique flavor profiles and effects, making them popular among cannabis users who appreciate a balanced and potent experience.

Growing Tangieland Strain

Growing the Tangieland strain can be a rewarding endeavor for both novice and experienced cultivators. This strain offers a good yield and an average flowering time, coupled with easy growing conditions.

How to grow Tangieland Strain

The Tangieland strain requires a flowering time of between 55 to 65 days under photoperiod lighting conditions. While it’s relatively easy to grow, attention to proper light cycles, nutrient feeding, and a favorable environment is essential for optimal plant health and yield.

Tangieland Strain Grow Tips

When growing Tangieland, consider these tips: maintain an optimal light cycle, ensure proper feeding of nutrients, prune the plant regularly for better air and light penetration, monitor humidity levels, and finally, use high-quality seeds for the best yield.

Tangieland Flowering Time

Tangieland has a flowering time ranging from 55 to 65 days. During this period, the plant develops its buds, rich with terpenes and cannabinoids. This period is crucial in the plant’s lifecycle as it directly influences the quality and potency of the harvested product.

Tangieland Strain Yield

A well-cared-for Tangieland plant can yield up to 2-3 Oz/Ft² (~550 g/m²) indoors, while outdoor yields may vary. Factors such as light, nutrition, and care during the flowering time significantly affect the yield, making it crucial to provide the best conditions for your Tangieland plants.

When to harvest Tangieland Strain

Harvesting the Tangieland strain typically happens around the 72nd day from planting. The exact time can vary based on growing conditions and the specific needs of the plant. Properly timed harvesting ensures the highest quality of buds, rich in terpenes and cannabinoids.

Is Tangieland a Good Beginner Strain

Yes, the Tangieland weed strain is a good choice for beginners. Its relatively easy cultivation and well-balanced genetic profile make it suitable for those new to cannabis cultivation and use. Its pleasing effects and unique flavor profile also make it a popular choice among beginners.