SCROG is short for Screen of Green, it is a method of training cannabis plants that involves using a screen or grid to guide the plants as they grow. The screen is placed above the plants, and the branches are trained to grow through the openings in the screen. This allows the grower to create a even canopy of foliage at a desired height, which can help to maximize light exposure and improve the yield of the plants.

To use the SCROG method, the grower will start by setting up a sturdy frame to support the screen. The cannabis seedlings are then planted beneath the screen and allowed to grow until they reach the top of the screen. As the plants grow, their branches are trained to grow through the openings in the screen using techniques such as bending and tying. The grower will continue to train the plants in this way throughout the vegetative stage, manipulating the branches to ensure that they grow evenly through the screen.

There are several benefits to using the SCROG method. It can help to maximize the use of vertical space in a grow area, and it can also improve the quality of the final product by promoting even growth and light exposure. Some growers also find that the SCROG method is easier to manage and requires less maintenance compared to other training methods.



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