How to grow weed from seeds

Growing cannabis from seeds is a great way to have complete control over the genetics and quality of your final product. The process involves several important steps, including germinating the seeds, planting them in a growing medium, nurturing the plants during the growing stage, ensuring proper conditions during the blooming stage, and finally harvesting, drying and curing the buds. This article will guide you through each of these steps, providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to successfully grow cannabis from seeds. We will discuss how to germinate the seeds, best practices for planting, caring and providing the right conditions during the growing and blooming stages and final step of harvesting, drying and curing the buds.

Germinate Seeds

The first step in growing cannabis from seeds is to germinate the seeds. Germination is the process of activating the seed and allowing it to begin growing. There are several methods you can use to germinate cannabis seeds, but the most common methods include:

  1. The paper towel method: This involves placing the seeds between damp paper towels and keeping them in a warm, dark place.
  2. The water method: This involves placing the seeds in a cup of water at room temperature for 24 hours.
  3. Planting directly in soil: This involves planting the seed about 1/4-1/2 inch deep in a small container of soil or a seed starter cubes, and keeping the soil moist but not waterlogged.

Regardless of which method you choose, it’s important to keep the seeds in a warm, dark place until they sprout, which typically takes between 24-48 hours. Once the seeds have sprouted, it’s time to move on to the next step: planting the seeds.

Plant Seeds

Once your seeds have germinated, it’s time to plant them in a growing medium. There are several types of growing mediums you can use, including soil, hydroponics, and coco coir.

When planting in soil, it’s important to use a high-quality, well-draining soil mix. It’s also a good idea to add a small amount of organic matter, such as compost or worm castings, to the soil to provide extra nutrition for your seedlings.

If you are growing in hydroponics, you will need a growing container, a hydroponic system, and a nutrient solution. Hydroponics systems use water and nutrients to grow plants, eliminating the need for soil.

Coco coir is a type of growing medium made from the fibers of coconuts, it’s easy to handle, easy to manage and it’s a sustainable option. It’s also a great way to grow cannabis, and it has excellent water retention properties, making it ideal for seedlings.

Whichever growing medium you choose, it’s important to plant your seedlings at the right depth and to keep them well-watered and in a warm, sunny location.

Growing Stage

Once your cannabis plants are established, it’s time to begin the growing stage. During this stage, your plants will begin to grow rapidly, developing leaves and branches. During this stage, it’s important to provide your plants with plenty of light, water, and nutrients. A good rule of thumb is to give your plants about 18-24 hours of light per day, and to water them when the soil feels dry to the touch.

It’s also important to monitor the pH levels of the nutrient solution, as cannabis plants prefer a slightly acidic environment, around 6.0-7.0 pH.

During the growing stage, it’s also important to pay attention to your plants for any signs of problems, such as pests or diseases.

Blooming Stage

Once your plants have reached their desired size and have developed a strong root system, they will enter the blooming stage. This is the stage where buds will form, and the plants will produce flowers.

During the blooming stage, it’s important to reduce the amount of light your plants receive to around 12 hours of light per day. This will help to encourage the development of buds.

It’s also important to continue to provide your plants with water and nutrients, but at a reduced rate. It’s also recommended to give them extra phosphorous and potassium to support the flowering process.

Harvest cannabis plant

harvest your cannabis plants will depend on the strain you are growing and the desired effects of the final product. However, generally speaking, cannabis plants are ready to be harvested when the trichomes, which are the small, hairlike growths on the buds and leaves of the plant, have turned cloudy or amber.

When harvesting, it’s important to use sharp, clean scissors or pruning shears to avoid crushing or damaging the buds. Cut the branches with buds and hang them upside down in a well-ventilated room, this will start the drying process.

Dry and Cure

Once your plants are harvested, it’s time to dry and cure the buds. This process is crucial, as it helps to remove any remaining moisture from the buds and also improves their flavor and aroma. The process of drying and curing cannabis can take anywhere from one to four weeks, depending on the humidity and temperature of your drying environment.

It is important to keep the drying area well ventilated and to ensure that the temperature and humidity are within the optimal range for drying. Once the buds are dry, they can be placed in airtight containers and stored in a cool, dark place to prevent degradation of the compounds and maintain potency.

Growing weed from seeds can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it does require some knowledge, patience and attention to detail. By following these steps and providing your plants with the right care and conditions, you can ensure a successful crop of high-quality cannabis.



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