Cannabis Strains in Queensland

Cannabis, known colloquially as marijuana, weed, pot, and by other names, has been cultivated for thousands of years for medicinal, recreational, and industrial purposes. Within the plant genus Cannabis, two main species are recognized: Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, with a possible third species Cannabis ruderalis. Each species has its unique characteristics and effects. In recent years, Queensland, Australia, like many other regions globally, has seen an uptick in interest regarding cannabis cultivation, both for medicinal and recreational use. This article delves into the diverse strains of cannabis found in Queensland, examining their properties, origins, and cultivation trends.

Historical Context: Cannabis in Queensland

Before delving into specific strains, it’s essential to understand the context of cannabis in Queensland. Historically, cannabis has been grown in the region both legally and illicitly. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, medicinal cannabis had been decriminalized, and its cultivation for medicinal purposes was allowed under strict regulations. However, it’s worth noting that cannabis laws are subject to change, and readers should consult recent legislation to ensure accurate and current legal information.

Popular Cannabis Strains in Queensland

Various strains have gained popularity in Queensland due to their specific properties. Here are a few:

  • Queensland Gold: Often touted as one of the more potent strains from the region, Queensland Gold is known for its uplifting and energetic high. It’s believed to be a sativa-dominant hybrid, offering users a cerebral experience. Its bright green buds and gold-tinted trichomes give it its name.
  • Brisbane Blues: Another local favorite, Brisbane Blues is an indica-dominant strain. It’s known for its calming effects and is often recommended for evening use. Its blueish hue and distinct berry aroma make it easily recognizable.
  • Sunshine Coast Lemon Haze: A sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain gets its name from its lemony aroma and the region it’s often associated with – the Sunshine Coast. It provides users with a clear-headed, euphoric high, making it a favorite for daytime use.

Medical Cannabis Strains

With the decriminalization of medicinal cannabis in Queensland, there’s been a surge in strains cultivated explicitly for medicinal purposes. These strains are typically bred for specific cannabinoid profiles to treat various ailments:

  • CBD-rich strains: CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. Strains high in CBD are popular among medical users as they provide therapeutic benefits without the ‘high’ associated with THC. Examples include Charlotte’s Web and ACDC. Such strains are used to treat conditions like epilepsy, anxiety, and inflammation.
  • THC-rich strains: THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. While it’s often sought after for its psychoactive effects in recreational use, it also has therapeutic benefits, such as pain relief and appetite stimulation. Strains like Queensland Gold and Gorilla Glue have high THC levels.
  • Balanced strains: These strains have a balanced THC/CBD ratio and provide a mix of therapeutic benefits. They’re suitable for patients who require the medicinal properties of both cannabinoids.

Cultivation Trends in Queensland

Cannabis cultivation in Queensland, as in many regions, has evolved with changing laws, societal acceptance, and technological advances:

  • Outdoor vs. Indoor Cultivation: Queensland’s climate, particularly in its northern parts, is conducive to outdoor cannabis cultivation. However, with the legalization of medicinal cannabis and advancements in growing technologies, there’s been a rise in indoor cultivation, allowing for greater control over growing conditions and consistent yields.
  • Hydroponics: Increasingly, cultivators in Queensland are using hydroponic systems. This soil-less cultivation method uses water infused with nutrients to grow plants. Hydroponics often results in faster growth and higher yields compared to traditional soil-based cultivation.
  • Genetic Engineering and Cross-breeding: With the global interest in cannabis, Queensland growers have started experimenting with cross-breeding local strains with international favorites to develop strains with unique properties.

Future Prospects

The cannabis landscape in Queensland is continually evolving. As researchers dive deeper into the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis and its compounds, it’s likely that the region will see an increase in strains tailored for specific therapeutic purposes. Additionally, if recreational cannabis is legalized in the future, the market could witness an even more extensive array of strains catering to diverse preferences.


Cannabis strains in Queensland have a rich history and a promising future. As the legal and societal perspectives on cannabis shift, the state continues to be at the forefront of cannabis cultivation, research, and acceptance in Australia.