Cannabis Strains in New Brunswick

New Brunswick, one of Canada’s maritime provinces, has a rich agricultural history and is rapidly becoming a hub for cannabis cultivation since the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2018. As Canada becomes a forerunner in the global cannabis industry, provinces like New Brunswick play an integral role in determining which strains become popular and widely cultivated. This article delves into some of the most popular cannabis strains in New Brunswick, their characteristics, and their cultural significance.

History and Background

Pre-Legalization Era

Before cannabis became legal in Canada, New Brunswick, like many other provinces, had its own clandestine cannabis culture. There were certain strains, often without official names, that were well-adapted to the local climate and grew well in the region. These strains were often shared within tight-knit communities and passed down through generations of growers.

Post-Legalization Era

With the advent of legalization in Canada through the Cannabis Act, New Brunswick quickly adopted a framework for the production and sale of cannabis. This transition brought in an influx of both local and international cannabis breeders who introduced a variety of strains to the region. These newly introduced strains, combined with the traditional ones, created a diverse genetic pool of cannabis in the province.

Characteristics of New Brunswick’s Climate and Its Influence on Cannabis Strains

New Brunswick has a humid continental climate, characterized by warm, sometimes hot, summers and cold winters. This unique climate poses both challenges and advantages for cannabis cultivators:

Shorter Growing Season

Cannabis strains that have a shorter flowering time are preferred in New Brunswick because of the limited growing season. Indica dominant strains, known for their faster growth and shorter flowering times, often fare better in this environment.

Cold Resistance

Strains that have developed or been bred for cold resistance have a better chance of thriving. This includes strains that have genetics from mountainous or northern regions.

Humidity Concerns

The relatively high humidity, especially during late summer and early fall, can pose a risk of mold for cannabis plants. Strains that are mold-resistant or those that have open bud structures (allowing for better air circulation) are particularly sought after in this region.

Popular Strains in New Brunswick

Several strains have gained popularity in New Brunswick, both for their adaptability to the climate and their unique effects and flavors:


Originating from the 1970s, Blueberry is an indica dominant strain known for its sweet fruity aroma and blueish hue. Its resilience and shorter flowering time make it a favorite among New Brunswick growers.

Northern Lights

A pure indica strain, Northern Lights is prized for its resilience to colder climates. It has a sweet and spicy aroma, coupled with a relaxing effect, making it popular among recreational and medicinal users alike.

White Widow

A balanced hybrid, White Widow has gained global fame for its resin production and potent effects. Its adaptability to different growing conditions has made it a staple in New Brunswick’s cannabis community.

New Brunswick Original

A strain that has its roots in the local clandestine growing community of New Brunswick, NBO is an indica dominant hybrid known for its relaxing effects and earthy aroma. While its exact genetic lineage remains a well-guarded secret, it’s a testament to the province’s rich cannabis heritage.

Cultural and Economic Impact

Cannabis cultivation has provided a significant economic boost to New Brunswick. The province has seen an influx of investments in cannabis research, cultivation, and distribution. Several cannabis-related startups and established companies have set up operations in the province, leading to job creation and an increase in tourism, especially cannabis-related tourism.

Moreover, New Brunswick’s unique strains and cannabis culture are being celebrated in cannabis festivals, workshops, and seminars. The province is not just growing cannabis; it’s fostering a community around it.


New Brunswick’s journey with cannabis, from covert cultivation to legalization, mirrors the journey of many regions globally. The strains that have flourished in this province are a testament to the adaptability of the cannabis plant and the ingenuity of its cultivators. As the industry continues to evolve, New Brunswick stands as a beacon for sustainable and community-centered cannabis cultivation.