Cannabis Cup 2021

The High Times Cannabis Cup is known around the world as the biggest and most important celebration of marijuana and cannabis culture. This year, at the 2021 High Times Cannabis Cup, the best strains, products and experiences of the year have been celebrated in a virtual event held online for the first time in the Cup’s celebrated history.

Best Sativa Flower: Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies won the award for Best Sativa Flower, leaving all other contenders in the dust. This indica leaning hybrid strain brings with it an uplifting, clear-headed experience along with some serious munchies, definitely earning its well deserved title.

Best Hybrid Flower: Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake had a decisive win in the Best Hybrid Flower category, its sweet vanilla-like taste and calming body effects easily snagging the top spot. This Indica-leaning Hybrid is known to also bring some pretty strong munchies, adding to its already impressive list of pros.

Best CBD Flower: Cinderella

Cinderella has taken the award for Best CBD Flower award with its sweet and earthy flavors, providing a mellow and clearheaded experience. This strain is known for its stress reducing properties, making it the ideal choice for an all day soother.

Best Vape Pen Cartridge: Berry Blast

Berry Blast won by a landslide in the Best Vape Pen Cartridge category. Providing a sweet flavor and uplifting high, this strain is great for anytime of day, while also being a perfect starter strain for those just getting into cannabis.

Best Edible: Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

The Double Chocolate Chip Cookie by Gnome Grown returns to the cannabis cup with another win, winning the award for Best Edible. These sweet, gooey and delicious cookies are the perfect way to get your daily dose of THC and make for a great late night treat!

Best Infused Drink: Hot Cocoa Elixir

The Hot Cocoa Elixir by High on Love won the award for Best Infused Drink. Warm and decadent, this elixir is perfect for those cold winter nights and has a subtle cannabis kick that leaves you feeling relaxed and stress free.