22 Strain

22, commonly known as 22 OG, is a hybrid strain that has been making waves in the cannabis world. With a THC dominant profile ranging between 15% to 17.5% and minimal CBD levels, the 22 weed strain promises an array of effects for both medicinal and recreational users.

What strain is 22

22 OG is a well-loved hybrid strain in the cannabis community, but many still ask: Is 22 a good strain? Definitely! Its potent effects and broad range of applications make it a top choice for many. Is 22 strain Indica or Sativa? Being a hybrid, it combines the best of both worlds, although the dominant type isn’t explicitly mentioned. Is the 22 strain strong? With THC levels ranging between 15% to 17.5%, it’s moderately strong and suitable for most users. The 22 best strain discussions often revolve around its lineage and origin, which, intriguingly, remain a mystery to this day.

22 Strain Info

Diving deeper into the 22 weed strain, it’s evident that this hybrid is THC dominant with a range of 15 – 17.5%. Its minimal CBD content (0.26 – 0.51%) means that its effects lean more towards the psychoactive side. Speaking of its chemical profile, the 22 strain THC level is complemented by a unique terpene profile, including myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, among others.

22 Strain Effects

What are the effects of the 22 strain? Users commonly report feelings of being tingly, euphoric, focused, and even giggly. The 22 strain provides an uplifted, talkative, and creative mindset. Curious about its flavor? What does 22 strain taste like? With a primary flavor profile of grape, it also offers undertones of sweet, plum, rose, and a mix of other exciting flavors. What is 22 strain good for? Its wide range of effects makes it suitable for addressing PMS, fatigue, muscular dystrophy, and more. So, how does 22 strain make you feel? Apart from the aforementioned effects, some users might experience dry mouth, dry eyes, or even a rapid heartbeat. If you’re considering it for nighttime use, it’s worth noting that it’s not specifically mentioned if the 22 strain is good for sleep.

22 Strain Terpenes

The 22 terpene profile is rich and diverse. Dominant terpenes like myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene are present, giving the strain its distinct aroma and flavor. The 22 strain flavors are primarily grape, complemented by sweet, plum, rose, citrus, and several other undertones. When discussing the 22 strain taste, it’s impossible not to mention the complex blend of grape, sweet, woody, diesel, and apricot flavors that enchant the palate.

Strains like 22

For those who appreciate the characteristics of the 22 weed strain, several other strains might tickle your fancy. Some strains similar to 22 include Sensi Star, Daisy Kong, Sour Afghan Haze, Lucky Lemon, and Colorado Chem. These strains, like 22, offer a mix of effects, flavors, and aromas that many cannabis enthusiasts seek.

Growing 22 strain

Growing 22 is a journey every cannabis cultivator should consider. The 22 strain, with its mysterious origin, promises a rewarding experience for growers.

How to grow 22 strain

When cultivating the 22 strain, one should be aware that its flowering time typically ranges between 50 to 55 days. Being a photoperiod strain, it reacts to changes in light cycles. Indoor plants can reach heights of 30-60 inches, while outdoor plants may tower between 60-80 inches. Indoor yields are typically 1 – 2 Oz/Ft², while outdoor plants can yield an impressive 10 – 15 Oz/plant.

22 strain grow tips

  1. Monitor light cycles closely due to its photoperiod flowering type.
  2. Ensure ample space for outdoor growth, given its potential height.
  3. Maintain optimal humidity levels to avoid mold and mildew.
  4. Regular pruning can promote better airflow and growth.
  5. Given its moderate THC levels, nutrient needs might be average; avoid overfeeding.

22 flowering time

The flowering phase of the 22 strain lasts around 50 to 55 days. During this period, growers can expect the plants to produce resinous buds packed with cannabinoids.

22 strain yield

For those contemplating growing the 22 strain, potential yields can be quite rewarding. Indoor grows can expect about 1 – 2 Oz/Ft² (equivalent to ~400 g/m²). In contrast, outdoor grows, given the right conditions, can produce a whopping 10 – 15 Oz/plant (around 400 g/plant).

When to harvest 22 strain

After about 60 days from the start of the flowering phase, the 22 strain is usually ready for harvest. Growers should look for signs such as the browning of pistils and the cloudiness of trichomes to ensure optimal cannabinoid content.

Is 22 a good beginner strain

The 22 weed strain, with its moderate THC levels and distinct terpene profile, could be a good fit for beginners, both in terms of consumption and cultivation. Its wide range of effects and flavors can provide new users with a comprehensive introduction to the world of cannabis.